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Smile Makeovers by LUMINEERS®

LUMINEERS® are the biggest breakthrough in achieving the smile that you've always wished for. These contact lens-thin "smile shapers" are so thin, yet so strong, so there is no need for the removal of any sensitive tooth structure. No shots, no drilling, and therefore, NO PAIN. No matter what your dental cosmetic condition is, LUMINEERS® Porcelain Veneers are the perfect solution to their smile issues!


1. Tetracycline Stains

Staining and discoloration are problems for many. Whether the damage has been caused by time, stain-producing substances such as coffee and red wine, or by the administration of tetracycline, the polychromatic and natural looking character of LUMINEERS® corrects discoloration without appearing artificial and provides a permanent whitening solution for those who hide their smile.

2. Worn Dentition

Restoring teeth to a more youthful appearance is also possible with LUMINEERS®. From obscuring worn dentition on natural teeth to renewing the appearance of existing crowns and bridgework, LUMINEERS® can help take years off a patient's smile. A non-invasive procedure and fast placement also makes them ideal for more mature patients.

3. Revitalize Old Dental Work

No matter your age, sometimes it can just take a few years for crowns and bridgework to add many years to your face. LUMINEERS® porcelain veneers can easily be placed on top of crowns and bridgework without removing them. There is absolutely no pain nor drilling of sensitive tooth structure. Don't even think about replacing your less-than-perfect crowns or bridgework - LUMINEERS® them instead!

4. Adolescent Dentition

Your smile may look pretty good, but you want it better - without any pain. A LUMINEERS® dentist will evaluate your smile and desires to help you achieve the look you want with no shots, drilling, or removal of sensitive tooth structure.

5. Pre-Adolescent Teeth

This nine-year old girl was self-conscious about the chips on her front teeth and the way it changed the shape of her smile. LUMINEERS® offered a fast, non-invasive solution that enhanced her self-esteem. Chips and cracks can be hidden beneath contact-lens-thin LUMINEERS® by Cerinate.

6. Diastemas

A variety of shape and spacing issues can also be addressed with LUMINEERS®. Gaps between teeth (diastemas), small tooth size, unevenly shaped teeth, and unevenly aligned teeth are the ideal candidates for instant orthodontics.

7. Misalignment

Crooked and crowded teeth are common problems. You've probably been thinking for years that the only solution is orthodontics. This is no longer the case. LUMINEERS® can eliminate the need for braces and correct misaligned teeth painlessly by placing ultra-thin LUMINEERS porcelain veneers on top of them, which would permanently and painlessly cover the misaligned teeth.

8. Misshaped Teeth

Some smiles never fully develop into a large, adult smile. Teeth may be large in the front yet small on the sides. In the past, to create an adult smile, patients had to rely on bonding to fill in the gaps or extensive orthodontics. Now with LUMINEERS®, you can get an adult smile in as little as two office visits and without shots or drilling.

9. Chips and Cracks

If you have a chipped tooth right in front where everyone can see, we bet it bothers you big time. While bonding may offer a temporary fix, it may not be the most reliable way to ensure an attractive smile in the long run. LUMINEERS® offers a painless, permanent, and pleasant way to fix that chipped tooth for good. You will always smile with great confidence.

10. Permanently Whiten

Stained or discolored teeth can be a major embarrassment because no amount of bleaching, brushing, or visits to the dentist will totally remove the stains and keep them from coming back. Now there’s a hassle-free solution to this problem. LUMINEERS® by Cerinate, which are like thin covers for your teeth, eliminate the traces of any stains or discoloration. Best of all, a LUMINEERS® procedure leaves you with permanent bright and white smile.

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