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What You Need to Know about All on 4 dental Treatment?

This innovative dental treatment was developed for denture wearers and those patients with hopeless teeth by Professor Paulo Malo, a European Dentist, in 1995. This treatment is now well known around the world and has evolved to what is called All On 4. A patient who receives this treatment avoids the need for bone grafting and can have a fixed set of teeth (A full set of teeth per jaw) anchored to 4 dental implants. It is a fixed procedure and it feels closely as natural and as strong as natural teeth. All of this can be accomplished within just 24 hours and at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional full set of jaw dental implants.


What Patients Need to Know About MALO DENTAL ALL ON 4?

This is a series of evolving treatment solutions developed by MALO DENTAL and Dr. Paulo Malo over the last two decades. MALO DENTAL has the largest R&D in the world when it comes to this treatment and continues to evolve the treatment as well as the implant design to increase treatment success rate. Unless a clinic is in a MALO DENTAL network, they may not have access to the latest techniques for this revolutionary treatment concept where patients end up with a very strong set of fixed teeth with excellent esthetic result.


Why Patients Must Consider Being Treated Only at a MALO Network Clinic?

MALO DENTAL network dentists have been trained, tested and supervised by Dr. Paulo Malo and his clinical faculty team of residential training programs in Europe. In addition to this extensive training, MALO DENTAL faculty spend several months every year to update and oversee MALO DENTAL network dentists to ensure the latest treatment protocols are being followed while measuring the success rate of each case.

Unfortunately, many other clinics that claim to be an expert in All On 4 or claim they have received training at MALO DENTAL, they have only spent a weekend at a seminar to get an overview of this complex treatment. Yet, they reduce their fees and substitute dental implant brands to further reduce cost to attract patients so they can gain additional experience in this complex and life changing treatment solution.

When you visit a MALO DENTAL network office, you are insured that you are receiving the most trained professionals in offering All On 4 treatment. Sea Smile is the only official MALO DENTAL partner clinic in Thailand.


MALO DENTAL All On 4 Treatment Protocol and Success Rate:

The treatment protocol is a series of evolved treatment solution that offers the patients a graft-less option and ability to have their teeth within 24 hours. Patients can begin eating soft food immediately and have a beautiful smile. The treatment protocol can vary depending on the patient’s available bone but the prosthetic treatment has evolved to include two sets of bridges, a temporary one and a final one after the implants have completely healed within 3-6 months.

The recent study released by American Dental Association, indicated a 10-year follow up of nearly 245 patients from 2001-2011 resulted in a success rate of 94.8% implant survival rate and 99.2% prosthesis success. SeaSmile Dental Clinic as the only official MALO DENTAL partner clinic in Phuket follows MALO DENTAL guidelines in most cases unless patient conditions allows a deviation from the MALO DENTAL protocol. ( Example, Travel limitation to Thailand, Strong and abundant bone )

Success Rate
MALO DENTAL All On 4 treatment Protocol


This treatment protocol is now the latest treatment recommendation from MALO DENTAL and at Bangkok Smile Clinic, it is covered under the MALO DENTAL international patient guarantee program.

Questions you must ask about ALL ON 4

Questions you must ask before an ALL ON 4 or any dental Implant treatment
Does your clinic offer International guarantee, where you can access other clinics? No YES
Do you offer 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 1 month, 2 month and 3 month follow up included in the original fee at my home country? *For Australia residents No YES
Are you part of the MALO DENTAL network No YES
Are you using exclusive Nobel Biocare, the originally designed dental implant specifically for ALL ON 4 by Dr. Paulo MALO No We only use Nobel Biocare due to the specific design requirement
Do you provide me the certificate of authenticity and the serial numbers for all of dental implants used in my mouth? Some do Some DONT YES
Who manufactures my dental prosthesis (Bridge)? Non MALO DENTAL certified Lab All Dental bridges are fabricated by MALO DENTAL in-house ISO 9001 Dental laboratory
Are your dental technician certified by MALO DENTAL in manufacturing ALL ON 4 Prosthesis? No YES
How many months of full time training have you received directly from MALO DENTAL? Short Course Training full time Initial Training Direct with Dr Paulo Malo
Would I be able to have my desired shape, shade and style of teeth for my ALL ON 4? N/A MALO DENTAL offers 12 styles of teeth with more than 26 shades of teeth to choose from
Would I have a dedicated VIP team to look after me?   YES
Do you offer payment options?   YES

What are the available treatment solutions for denture wearers and patients with hopeless teeth?

Non MALO DENTAL Treatment Protocol (For patients with strong and abundant bone and limited travel capability)

This option is same as the previous option as far as the surgery is concerned but is non MALO DENTAL protocol as patients receive only one set of teeth. This treatment is limited to patients with abundant quality bone and those who cannot return to Thailand for the 2nd bridge. Patient receive one bridge with a strong metal frame work but must AVOID biting hard food while implants are healing. This treatment is not covered by MALO DENTAL International Patient Guarantee Program but is covered under the local MALO DENTAL guarantee and the patients must return to Thailand, if required. Patients who qualify for this treatment receive their teeth within 3-5 days after the surgery

To learn more, if you qualify for this treatment, please contact us.

The Benefits of ALL ON 4 based on MALO DENTAL Standards

  • One Set of Fixed and Non Removable teeth in 3-5 days
  • Patient Guarantee Program MALO DENTAL Thailand
  • MALO DENTAL research protocol and treatment standards
  • Full set of jaw teeth with only 4 implants
  • No Bone grafting requirement ( Less cost and time )
  • Can eat immediately
  • Can chew hard foods after complete healing
  • Bone Resorption stops
  • Gums under bridge is not sored from the prosthesis
  • Simple cleaning and maintenance of the bridge
  • Teeth look Beautiful and Natural
  • No coverage on palate, improved taste

The Implant Supported Over-Dentures with 4 Dental Implants

Implant supported Over-dentures are a second best treatment solution for edentulous patients. It can offer improved stability of the denture and ceases bone resorption. This implant supported but removable option is very stable and can be removed by patients after cleaning for hygiene purposes.

This economical option is great for patients who want to save in short term as the initial cost is lower than All On 4 fixed bridge. However, patients must expect additional cost associated with maintenance. This can be from replacement of various parts to need for continued reline where the denture comes in contact with the tissue. Also placing the final teeth is not possible within 24 hours and patients must wear a regular denture until the implants have healed and return at a later date after healing to receive the final overdenture.


  • Improved Stability compared to conventional Dentures
  • Lesser initial cost compared to All-On-4
  • A good solution for patients who want to transition to a final ALL-on-4

  • It is Removable and not Fixed
  • Longer treatment time. Immediate loading not possible
  • Maintenance required
  • Soreness of tissue under denture is source of complaint
  • Constant food impaction
  • Bone continues to resorb where denture comes in contact with tissue
  • Eating very hard food not possible as patients cannot apply excessive pressure similar to All On 4

The Traditional Dentures

Conventional dentures continue to be a treatment solution for those patients who must have to have their teeth pulled and waiting to receive a permanent implant solution. The lack of stability and retention is the biggest drawback to traditional dentures and patients continue to lose bone under the denture to a point where placing dental implants may become too complex and pricy option. Patients who wear traditional dentures tend to withdrawal socially and can have negative impact on their mental health. It is only recommended as a temporary treatment option and not a long-term treatment solution in modern dentistry,


  • Quick Treatment
  • Low Investment Cost

  • Foreign and unnatural
  • Palate is covered to maximize retention
  • Moves and irritates gums
  • Jaw bone continues to resorb
  • Cannot eat hard food
  • Affects social life and intimacy

Recommendation from MALO DENTAL

If you are considering a treatment solution because you have lost your teeth or about to lose them, consider having the MALO DENTAL All On 4 treatment as it is the best treatment solution that can offer you immediate set of teeth, within just 24 hours without the need for bone grafting and at a fraction of cost compared to other fixed supported dental bridges. All On 4 treatment is considered the best treatment option when compared to other forms of treatment and the cost is very low as minimal maintenance is required compared to other forms of treatment solutions such as implant supported overdentures and traditional dentures. To make this treatment as affordable as possible, we strongly recommend that you seek treatment from a qualified MALO DENTAL that is the original innovator of this concept and steer away from imitation products and implant brands with not enough research or history. At MALO DENTAL Thailand we bring over 25 years of experience from MALO DENTAL research and development department and have achieved highest rate of success and satisfaction for our patients. We encourage you to talk to us as our VIP Care team is ready to answer all of your questions and help you with this life changing process. We offer payment plans for our patients from Australia through (TLC) to make this treatment as affordable as possible.

We are here to help.