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Dental Implants

Dental Implants are currently the most advanced technique in replacing your missing tooth/teeth. They have been used and continuously being developed for over 30 years and yet the technology remains to be the ideal tooth replacement solution. Dental Implants are used to replace a missing tooth, a number of missing teeth, and as support to a dental fixture (bridge or denture containing multiple teeth). Implant-supported teeth fixtures not only feel, look, and function like natural teeth, but they also preserve the integrity of facial structure, and improve the look and function of the jaw.

A Dental Implant is made up of a threaded titanium cylinder (screw-like) that is surgically placed into the jaw bone to replace the root portion of a missing natural tooth. The titanium fixture will eventually integrate with your jaw bone in natural process known as “Osseo-integration.” Once the integration is complete, a connector (which is called an Abutment) is screwed into the top end of the implanted titanium fixture that would serve as an attachment for either a Dental Crown to replace a single tooth, a Dental Bridge Retainer to replace several teeth, or even an Over-Denture to replace many or all of your teeth in your dental arch.

Treatment time for the procedure will vary depending on your situation. It is possible to obtain well-functioning and aesthetic looking teeth within a few days, but in some cases, it may be necessary to wait a little longer (couple of months) for the implant screw to fully-integrate with the bone in order to obtain the best results.

If you are considering a single or multiple dental implants to replace number of missing teeth in a row. Dental implants Thailand provides you an alternative conservative treatment compared to a traditional fixed dental bridges. It is conservative as the procedure does not damage the teeth adjacent to your missing teeth and can be done independent from those teeth.

If you are missing a number of teeth, by placing 2 or more dental implants a fixed dental bridge can be installed.

Dental implants can also stabilize removable bridges or dentures by providing support and retention so you can eat your food more comfortably and interact more socially without the need to constantly make trips to the bathroom to clean your teeth during meal times with friends and family.

Choose Currency in

Dental Implants and Accessories

Implant Units (prices quoted per case & inclusive of surgical and doctor's fees)

Dental Implant

Single Tooth Dental Implant (both surgical and prosthetic parts)

(AstraTech , Zimmer or Hi-Ossen)

Start From
65,000 *
(per tooth)
Dental Implant

The Premium Single Tooth Dental Implant (both surgical and prosthetic parts)
Straumann Roxolid / Bone Level

75,000 - 85,000 *
Dental Implant

2 Dental Implants and 1 Overdenture

✔ Conventional Loading (2 trips and 4-6 months apart)

Dental Implant

All-On-4™ with Dr. Paulo Malo's protocol
(cost per jaw)

✔ Immediate-Loading in 24 hours

✔ All Composite Teeth on 4 dental implants

290,000 - 320,000
Dental Implant

2 Zygoma™ Implants with MALO Technique

✔ Immediate Loading in 24 hours

✔ 2 Zygoma and 2 Dental Implants for severe bone loss of the upper posterior

✔ All Composite Teeth on 4 dental implants

(By Request)
Dental Implant

4 Zygoma™ Implants with MALO Technique

✔ Immediate-Loading in 24 hours

✔ 4 Zygoma Implants for severe bone loss of the upper posterior

✔ All Composite Teeth on 4 dental implants

(By Request)

Why should you consider dental implants when missing teeth?


1.Improved Quality of Life. Dental implants Thailand will make your smile look like new again so you can feel confident in your ability to eat, laugh, and live without worrying about your dentures or missing teeth.

2.Secure Comfort. Dental Implants Thailand are surgically placed in the jaw bone where they integrate with the bone. You will never have to worry about messy denture pastes or creams again! Your implants won't move or slip so you can live a normal life!

3.Preserve Facial Shape and Jawbone Integrity. Bone loss in the jaw occurs almost immediately after losing a tooth. Without the root to stimulate it, the jawbone will eventually dissolve to a point where the cheeks and lips are no longer supported. This can cause an aged, shrunken appearance. Implants preserve bone and help maintain facial integrity.

4.Healthy Teeth Are Unaffected. Bridges require the grinding down of health adjacent teeth and can often be uncomfortable to wear. Dental implants Thailand will not affect healthy teeth and can actually help prevent further tooth loss due to jaw bone deterioration.

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