Customer Feedback Section

Dear Patients, Guests, and Friends:

We'd like to hear from you!

No matter how you engaged with our company, we'd like to hear about your experience with our company and our people.

Please use the following form to provide us your feedback on any of the following:

  • Our Customer Service Standards:
    Kindly, inform us if any of our services that you encountered with our company requires improvement. All suggestions are welcome and will be discussed internally to improve our process.
  • Our Safety Standards:
    Kindly inform of us, if you observe anything that may not be safe for our patients or visitors to our premises.
  • Our Quality Care Standards:
    Please tell us if you feel that our quality care standards are not up to your satisfaction.
  • Ethical Concerns:
    Please give us your feedback if you have experienced any circumstances with our company that you don’t think is ethical.

We collect all of the information and share it with our Quality Control Team as well as our Training department.

If you have a certain concern that may be confidential in nature, you may indicate that and we will only share it with our managing director and senior executive team.

Kindly, let us know if you like to hear back from us regarding any of your comments.

Thank You for helping us to become better every day.

Sea Smile Dental Clinic
Management Team

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