Dental Clinic Phuket At Sea Smile Dental Clinic.

  • The first and only JCI-Accredited Dental Clinic in Phuket, Thailand


Leanne White Sydney

Trish Watson, Wisdom tooth removed, Crowns, Bridges, Filling, Extraction, Cleaning, Ruawai Northland

Joanne Lancaster and Mr.Stephen Nemeth, Filling, Cleaning, Auckland/

Kevin Marevich Crowns, Root canal treatment, Extraction, Porcelain Veneer, Maunganui

Michael Mabbutt

Burno Johl Crowns, Filling, Cleaning

Trudy Gage Zoom Whitening, All ON 4/6

Miranda Thorpe Crowns, Bridges, Root canal treatment, Filling

Louise Edkins

Mrs.Marienne Barbara, K551645

Zimmermann Urs, Crowns, Filling, Cleaning

Lynda Clark, Crowns, Lumineers Veneer, Root canal treatment, Zoom Whitening

Gavin Field Denture (s), Filling, Extraction, russley ch-ch nz

Casper Hatch, Crowns, Root canal treatment, Cleaning, Zoom Whitening

Denis Stutzinger Crowns, Bridges

Monique Ann Hughes, Crowns

Akiko Kawasaki, Crowns

Rrosemary Bradley

Jane Strommen, Home Bleaching

Vidar Srendsen, All ON 4/6

Yves Latuszewski, Crowns

OYVIND STROMSETH, Crowns, Lumineers Veneer

Dag Ove Pedersen, Bridges, Lumineers Veneer

Ghenni Nora, Filling

Raoul Britow, Denture (s), Crowns, Root planing/ Deep cleaning, Extraction, Atatu Peninsula

Ms. Sharon Mackie, Australia

Gary Love, New Zealand

Spence Faulkner, Australia

Mr. Thom Slot, Netherlands

Mr. Ted Lipsky, United States

Ms. Diandra Valeria
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