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Thailand is in Southeast Asia, and you can visit Thailand (either Bangkok or Phuket) from many countries around the world. As we are in the center of ASEAN countries, this makes us he ideal hub for exploring the rest of Asia, particularly since a number of low-cost airlines now fly throughout Thailand and to many neighboring countries. You can find almost everything here: crystal blue beaches, green jungle, tasty food, budget bungalows and some of the best luxu321 hotels in the world. There is something for every interest which suitable to your budget.

As our country has a good name in Medical and Dental Tourism, you can visit our country for the high quality of dental and medical services at the most affordable prices , and also visit every corner of our kingdom to make your dental trips more enjoyable and valuable too. The Thai people’s legendary hospitality, fascinating and mysterious while friendly and welcoming, epitomizes its "land of smiles" reputation. Along with mouth-watering cuisine, Thai massage and scores of activities to indulge, it's easy to see why Thailand is so irresistible.

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Thailand is a year-round destination and you can find suitable weather in the country. Generally, its location in the tropics means the weather is generally humid and hot. November to February is the cool season when the weather is pleasanter. The monsoon season is from June to October and progressing from afternoon showers to prolonged day-long downpours by September or October.