Durathin® Veneers

Have you been longing for that stunningly beautiful “hollywood” smile that you can share with the people around you and create a positive impact at the same time? At Sea Smile Dental Clinic, we can dramatically enhance your smile to boost your confidence and improve your social interaction with the latest technological breakthrough in prepless veneers – DURATHIN® Veneers.

DURATHIN® Veneers eliminates the hesitation brought about by the thought of traditional dental veneers that usually requires grinding and removing healthy tooth structure in preparation for placing them. DURATHIN® Veneers requires no preparation at all. These veneers are perfect if you desire to enhance your smile without having to reduce any of your natural teeth at all.

Best of all, the procedure for placing these state-of-the-art dental veneers can be carried out without any numbing or anaesthetic injections and if for whatever reason you want your them removed, your natural smile remains intact. Unlike the thick and bulky conventional veneers, DURATHIN® Veneers are absolutely reversible!

The innovative approach of DURATHIN® Veneers starts with their shape and size. Each piece is constructed with layers of porcelain and artistically shaped to produce a contact lens-like veneer that can be directly bonded to the front a tooth to alter its size, angle, and/or color. Your dentist will ensure a perfect fitting of each veneer to the specific countours and appearance of your mouth. Once bonded, appropriate techniques will be utilized to further achieve the most natural look.

Not everyone is entitled to a candidacy for DURATHIN® Veneers. In general, if you have worn tooth structure, your teeth are too small, you have had teeth extraction for orthodontic purposes in the past, or if your teeth simply requires more presense, then you are a good candidate. DURATHIN® Veneers can make a drastic improvement on the overall appearance of your smile.

At Sea Smile Dental Clinic, we do our best to provide you with the best when it comes to improving your smile. DURATHIN® Veneers can instantly “turn back the clock” to your old-looking smile due to small or worn teeth; giving you a more youthful and stunningly beautiful smile to share with the rest of the world.

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