SSea Smile Dental Clinic is ranked and awarded as the # 1 Dental Clinic in Thailand performing the popular Philips ZOOM!™ Whitening System for 3 consecutive years *2016-2018.

Philips ZOOM! Whitespeed™

Most of us desire to look great, most especially in times when we want to share our smile to the rest of the world, may it be for social or business interactions

At Sea Smile Dental Clinic, your pearly white smile is of great importance to us. Over the years your teeth can lose their brilliant luster and natural whiteness as stained brought about by drinking coffee, tea, and wine or by smoking tobacco and consuming certain medications. Apart from residing visibly on the teeth, surface stains may eventually penetrate the enamel and alters the color of the dentin, which makes your teeth appear to be somewhat yellowish.

In as much as want to provide you with the latest and most innovative way to brighten your stained or discolored teeth, we at Sea Smile Dental Clinic are proud to be a premier provider of ZOOM! WHITESPEED™ – the ultimate treatment to bring back your pearly whites with maximum comfort and less or even zero sensitivity to your teeth, all while yielding the most astounding results.

The CEO of Bangkok Smile Dental Group(Sea Smile Dental Clinic) , Dr. Sermsakul a.k.a “Bob” Wongtiraporn granted the #1 Provider for Teeth Whitening Services by Philips ZOOM!™ Whitening System for the year of 2016, at Bangkok Smile MALO CLINIC, Sukhumvit21 branch, on March 2016. This guarantees our excellence in performance and providing effective results to all of our patients.

Philips ZOOM! WHITESPEED is the latest breakthrough in teeth whitening system technology. Its utilizes a proprietary Blue LED Light to activate and accelerate the bleaching gel’s chemical reaction. The system is powered by cutting-edge technology to provide a fast and safe whitening procedure with dramatic results in just a single visit.

ZOOM! WHITESPEED currently holds the number 1 patient-requested procedure when it comes to teeth whitening. It is proven to provide a comfortable chair-time procedure, thanks to the unique adjustable intensity settings of its light-activated whitening unit which offers absolute flexibility in handling teeth sensitivity to patients. Clinical studies shows that 99% of experience minimal to no sensitivity at all and the system provides 50% better results compared to other in-clinic whitening procedures, both immediately after the treatment.

- In 2016, more than 10,000 dental patients in Thailand have chosen to whiten their smile with the ZOOM! WhiteSpeed Teeth Whitening System at Sea Smile MALO CLINIC. As such, we are truly proud to have achieved the #1 Teeth Whitening Services Provider Award from the Philips ZOOM! Systems. This guarantees that Sea Smile MALO CLINIC provides the highest and most popular standards in teeth whitening and other dental treatments in Thailand.

- Why whiten your teeth at Sea Smile MALO CLINIC?
Sea Smile MALO CLINIC is home to the most advanced technology and adheres to the highest international sterilization standards as well as having the most outstanding and well-experienced dentists. Our team of professional yet very friendly staff is ready to serve patients who seek high standards of dental care and the most comfortable experience when it comes to teeth whitening and other dental treatments.

The VITAPAN® Bleached Shade Guide (by VITA Zahnfabrik H. Rauter GmbH & Co. KG) determines that you can achieve a “Wow” (B1 or better) ranking, the lightest natural tooth shade, within 45 minutes with ZOOM! WHITESPEED.

At Sea Smile Dental Clinic, it’s not just about bleaching your teeth and reach a certain number of shades lighter; we want you to achieve the brightest shining white smile ever, and we’re confident that our ZOOM! WHITESPEED Treatment can deliver. Now you can show the world your dazzling white smile and definitely leave a positive impression to everyone around you!

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