Platinum Level Of Partnership with Astra Tech

At Sea Smile Dental Clinic, our core belief is that perfection is not just an option, it’s a must. We strongly believe that our strength relies on the strength of our relationships, both to our valued customers as well as with our partnership programs. Thus we are very proud to have obtained a Platinum Level of Partnership with Astra Tech Dental, a division of the Astra Zeneca PLC, one of the largest pharmaceutical and biological research companies operating in over 100 countries worldwide. ASTRA TECH’s Implant System BioManagement Complex™ combines function, beauty, and biology in perfect harmony, ensuring patients with a reliable, predictable, and aesthetic result, both in the short- and long-term span.

A Platinum Level of Partnership with Astra Tech Dental is very rare among implant dentistry practitioners; moreover, the partnership requires a high level of experience on dental implant treatments as well as a prominent number of patients treated. With such a roaring level of partnership with Astra Tech Dental, our clinic has far more greater and immediate access to their cutting-edge systems compared to other clinics, locally and internationally.

With this high level of union with Astra Tech Dental, we are able to incorporate perfection in our implant dentistry practices. We are well-aware that people do seek out only the best when it comes to restoring or rehabilitating their smiles, that is why we only team up with the best, to strengthen the bonds between our valuable patients and us.

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