In 1995, Dr. Paulo Maló founded the MALO DENTAL in Lisbon, Portugal and together with his medical and research team, successfully implemented the All-on-4 implant technique, an innovative approach that was acclaimed by the medical community as one of the most significant breakthrough in the field of implant dentistry. Enormous success in the years that followed led to rampant growth, which gave way to the MALO DENTAL as being the world’s leading center for Implantology and Fixed Oral Rehabilitation.

For over 20 years now, MALO DENTAL has developed and created a totally unique clinical environment and continuously generated strategic partnerships with existing dental centers as well as opening new clinic locations around the globe.

Dr. Malo received multiple distinctions and awards for his medical breakthroughs as well as management, leadership and entrepreneurial skills. His team has fully developed the MALO DENTAL Protocol All-on-4™ surgical technique and the brilliant fixed prosthesis called the MALO DENTAL Bridge™, both recognized as remarkable advances in full-mouth rehabilitation worldwide. In addition, he has also developed the NobelSpeedy® Immediate Function Implant and the new Zygoma Protocol.

With its presence in 6 continents, 20 countries, and 62 cities worldwide, MALO DENTAL is the largest network of dental clinics around the world, as well as an international center of excellence in advanced education for dental professionals.

MALO DENTAL and Sea Smile in Southeast Asia

Over the years, travelers who seek excellent medical and dental care outside their countries choose South East Asia, particularly Thailand, for the very reason that the Land of Smiles offers the most amazing medical and dental holiday. One can avail of highly qualified doctors who were educated from western countries and explore all the mystical and breath-taking places scattered around Bangkok or Phuket at the same time. According to Dr. Paulo Maló, founder of MALO DENTAL Worldwide – the largest network of dental clinics in the world, “Thailand continues to be a popular destination when it comes to medical, cosmetic, and dental tourism, and it would be shame if MALO DENTAL won’t make its presence in the country.”

And from there, MALO DENTAL Dental Care finally marked its presence in South East Asia through an alliance with the Bangkok Smile Dental Group. But why Bangkok Smile? Again, according to Dr. Paulo Maló, “Dr. Bob (Dr. Sermsakul Wongtiraporn) and his Bangkok Smile Dental Group share the same core values with our very own MALO DENTAL, on top of having the most outstanding dental professionals and the best clinic locations in Thailand.” And so on August 18, 2016, the Bangkok Smile MALO DENTAL partnership was made public with a formal Signing Ceremony held at Bangkok Smile’s Sukhumvit 5 branch, inside the MedAsia Healthcare Complex.

Dr. Paulo Maló

Dr. Paulo Maló is the founder and CEO of MALO DENTAL, the world-leader in Implantology and Fixed Oral Rehabilitation. He graduated from the University of Lisbon in 1989 with a degree in Dental Medicine. In 1993, his team of medical and clinical research specialists began the development of the All-on-4 technique. It was successfully implemented in 1998 and further developed to become one of the most significant advances in the world of implant dentistry. Throughout the years, he continually received multiple distinctions and awards for his innovative breakthroughs in the field of dentistry, including his skills in management, leadership, and entrepreneurship. Dr. Maló also educates fellow doctors through MALO Education – an international center of excellence in advanced education for dental professionals. MALO DENTAL is now the largest dental network with presence in 6 continents, 20 countries, and 62 cities around the world.

MALO DENTAL around the World

MALO DENTAL was established in 1995. Huge success in the years following the development and implementation of the All-on-4 technique led to exponential growth of the company. MALO DENTAL Worldwide is now present in 5 continents, 18 countries, and 50 cities around the world. Its main headquarters remain in Lisbon, Portugal but its network of clinics spans all throughout Europe, USA, Africa, Asia, and Oceana, and still continues to grow up to the present.

MALO DENTAL Headquarters

MALO Smiles New Jersey