Partnership with Dr Paulo Malo & Nobel Biocare

The Land of Smiles welcomes a significant milestone in its world-class standard for dental care services. A momentous partnership between Thailand's very own Sea Smile Dental Clinics and the largest network of dental clinics - Dr Paulo Malo global dental network takes dentistry into a whole new level. The partnership is fully supported by another world-leader in implant dentistry innovation – Nobel Biocare®, which ultimately seals this compelling union that truly defines what an International Center for Dentistry is in Thailand.

To fully comprehend how this notable collaboration can directly move Thailand closer to being the number one dental tourism hub in South East Asia and of the whole world, let’s find out what these three major players in the dentistry world holds and the very reason why they joined forces together.

Sea Smile and BSDG (Bangkok Smile Dental Group)

Since 2003, Bangkok Smile Dental Group has been providing exceptional dental care services to people from around the world who wants two things – to obtain excellent dental care and to enjoy what Thailand has to offer for an amazing vacation holiday. The group roots back to its humble beginnings with a single clinic opposite the former-British Embassy along the Ploenchit Area which was named Bangkok Smile Dental Clinic by its owner and later on the founder of the Bangkok Smile Dental Group, Dr. Sermsakul a.k.a “Bob” Wongtiraporn.

Fast forward into the present, the group now operates 8 clinics in Thailand (4 in Bangkok City and 4 in Phuket Island). Read More >>


In 1995, Dr. Paulo Malo founded the MALO CLINIC in Lisbon , Portugal and together with his medical and research team, successfully implemented the All-on-4 implant technique, an innovative approach that was acclaimed by the medical community as one of the most significant breakthrough in the field of implant dentistry. Enormous success in the years that followed led to rampant growth, which Dr Paulo Malo global dental network as being the world’s leading centre for Implantology and Fixed Oral Rehabilitation.

For 20 years now, Dr Paulo Malo has developed and created a totally unique clinical environment and continuously generated strategic partnerships with existing dental centers as well as opening new clinic locations around the globe.


Nobel Biocare®

Nobel Biocare® is an international company and a world-renowned innovator on implant-based dental restorations – from fully edentulous down to single-tooth indications. They offer advanced dental implant systems, individualized prosthetics & CAD/CAM systems, treatment planning systems, guided-surgery solutions, and bio-compatible materials around the world. The company is responsible for the implementation of the first Ceramic CAD/CAM coping, the introduction of the first Tapered Dental Implant, the TiUnite® implant surface, the Immediate Function dental implant, and the first-ever Guided Surgery System - NobelGuide™. Read More >>


Thailand’s very own Sea Smile and Dr Paulo Malo exclusive partnership with the full support of Nobel Biocare – the world’s number 1 dental implant company, is the most brilliant integration of such significant names in the field of dentistry with one goal in mind: To define the true meaning of an International Dental Center in Thailand. Hand in hand they are committed to set the highest international standards of dental care because they all share the same core objective, which is to give quality of life back to patients by providing them with the most innovative dentistry techniques and products.

MALO Clinic is the largest international dental center in the world that was founded by Dr. Paulo Malo in 1995. With its revolutionary techniques it has gained vast popularity at an astounding rate within Europe, USA, Canada, and Australia, as well as the rest of the world. Patients from all over the world and patients of other dentists started to get their dental treatment done at this exclusive global dental network such as Sea Smile Dental Clinic. MALO DENTAL Dental Care is notoriously known for its innovative techniques such as the All-on-4™, the new Zygoma Implant, the Extra-Maxilla Surgery, the NobelSpeedy Implant and the fixed prosthesis Bridge.

The exclusive partnership between Sea Smile and Dr Paulo Malo was made public with a prestigious Signing Ceremony and Soft-opening Event held at the BSDG Main Branch inside the MEDASIA Healthcare Complex last August 18, 2016.